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August 10, 2011
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Sonic Short Story

Night was fast approaching as Sonic ran along the old dirt road that led to his home. Dust trailed behind him like a giant cloud as his feet kicked it up. The hedgehog wasn't running nearly as fast as he could and not for the first time he grumbled about the dress shirt and jeans that his "date" had made him wear. Also not for the first time that evening, Sonic wondered why he'd even accepted Amy's offer. Well…it was more of an order than an offer and how am I supposed to say no when she's got that big ol' hammer behind her back. Sonic reached up and rubbed the tender spot on his head from where Amy had given him a small "tap" to encourage the hedgehog. I guess that's one girl who won't take no for an answer. An itch had started to build on the insides of his leg as the jeans were starting to chafe his skin. They hadn't been made to withstand the speed that Sonic was going at. The hedgehog resisted the urge to stop although he knew he'd pay for it later.

It took only a few moments more for him to reach the front door of his small home on the border of the Great Forest. Sonic came to a dead stop just a few feet in front of his porch. The dust flowed over him temporarily obscuring his vision of the house. Sonic covered his mouth and nose coughing as a small amount of dirt entered his nostrils. After allowing the miniature dust storm to settle, Sonic grasped the brass handle of the entry door and twisted it; then he gave the door a shove, opening it. As Sonic crossed the threshold of his forest home, he mentally recapped what all had happened on his date.


Amy had drug Sonic to some tiny restaurant positioned on the banks of a quiet river. Even Sonic had to admit it looked beautiful. This could be a cool spot to chill...when I'm ALONE! The hedgehog had been forced to wear dress clothes by the over excited Amy who'd threatened him again unless he did. She had a tuxedo picked out for him, but the hedgehog managed to get Amy to agree to jeans and a nice button up shirt. After they'd gotten a table, Amy had sat across from Sonic just smiling wishfully and sighing continuously. Her eyes never left Sonic's and every time he'd asked her what she was starting at, she'd just giggle. In Sonic's opinion, dinner was the best part of the evening because Amy finally had something else to focus on. While Sonic was eating, he slipped up and made the mistake of breaking the silence to compliment Amy's dress which sent her into a fit of girlish giggles. She'd then stood up and insisted that Sonic dance with her. The hedgehog almost turned her down…until he saw her casually reach behind her back, which was where she somehow stored that hammer. Without another moment of hesitation, Sonic grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to the wooden dance floor where other Mobian couples were already in the middle of a tango dance. Sonic quickly showed them up with his lightning fast speed and with his smooth dancing which made quite a show. Even the others stopped to watch Sonic whisk his date around in circles, over his head, under him, and around almost faster than the eye could see. Except Sonic got a little more carried away with showing off and in the middle of a spin, he let go of Amy's hand to wave. The pink hedgehog spun in a circle across the dance floor and ended up spinning right into a pack of tables. Sonic swore that Amy's eyes could've burst into flames at any moment as he helped her up. That's where Sonic made his second mistake of the night. To calm Amy down, he knew that there was only one thing to do…he kissed her…on the cheek. Throughout the entire walk home Amy was already rattling on about what colors she wanted her wedding dress to be and Sonic knew that wedding bells were ringing in her ears. Geez…it was only quick peck on the cheek and that was just to keep her from ringing MY bell with that hammer. You'd think I'd proposed to her! But, Sonic kept his silence and just walked with her. That's when the most exciting part of Sonic's night began. For a while now, Sonic had always worn a small orange communicator device on his right wrist that Tails had given him so they could keep in contact. At that moment in the middle of the obsessed Amy's rantings, a little alert beeper went off on the device. Sonic nearly cheered with joy as it went off, but he managed to keep a fairly neutral expression so as to not upset Amy; although a slight twitch at the corner of his mouth showed how hard he was trying to keep back a big grin. Sonic pressed the little red button on it to turn it on. The tiny screen turned blue and then cut to Tails' panicked face.

"Hey buddy, what's up?" asked Sonic casually.

The little fox's face started babbling. About that time a glass test tube flew over Tails' head and Sonic could hear things being smashed on the other end.

"Woah! Slow down just a little bit; I may be fast but even I can't hear that fast!"

Tails took a few deep breaths. Sonic heard more glass shattering and some red liquid seeped down the desk that Tails was next to. Or hiding behind. "Eggman's bots are in my lab! They're destroying everything!"

Sonic finally had an excuse to get out of this nightmare of a date. Thank you Dr. Eggman!

Amy must have noticed that Sonic wasn't listening to her anymore and she scrunched right up against his side still giggling and eyeing him. "Who was that, Sonic?"

Sonic took a few quick side-steps to put some distance between him an Amy. Nervously scratching his quills he muttered, "Um…that was Tails and he needs some help."

"Oh okay. We can go together than to see what the problem is!" suggested Amy excitedly.

"It won't take long, you don't need to come," insisted Sonic.

Amy suddenly became a little less girlish and a little more serious. "Sonic…we are on a date…we are going to go TOGETHER." Sonic noted the slightly threatening tone she was using.

What is it with girls!?! Can't she take a hint? Knowing that his attempt to nicely get away from this date had failed miserably so he went for plan B. "Hey look a shoe store!"

Amy's eyes lit up and she twirled around. "Where?"

Sonic was gone long before she could even turn around. The hedgehog laughed aloud as he ran across the terrain bound for Tails' lab at the Mystic Ruins. Man, I can't believe she fell for that again! Sonic mentally applauded himself for the old shoe store trick he'd now used on her several different times to get out of many of her romantic situations that she kept trying to get him into.

Running at full speed, it had taken him just shy of ten seconds to reach the besieged lab. Sonic didn't waste any time on the robots outside the lab. They were basic models and easily trashed with a few well-aimed spin dashes. Sonic found an immense hole in the wall of Tails' lab and he guessed that the big bot was inside. The hedgehog went in through the hole and was immediately grabbed by a large machine. The thing had Tails in its other hand. Before Sonic could rip his way out of its metal clutches, the bot hurled both him and Tails into a rack of beakers. Both anthros were doused in a variety of chemicals and fluids; then to top it off the whole shelf collapsed on top of them. On the top shelf was a very big glass container filled with a syrupy liquid. As the shelf collapsed, this container landed between the two of them and exploded upon contact with the ground sending glass shards everywhere. Sonic winced as he was peppered with shrapnel from the jar. Several pieces bounced against the side of his face, but didn't stick in. Tails cried out as a few pieces cut into his lab coat, embedding themselves into the soft flesh of his belly.

Sonic leapt to his feet then rolled to the side as the robot buried its fist where he had been laying. The hedgehog followed up the dodge maneuver with a spin dash directed right into the center of the machine's torso. Upon impact, the blow knocked the robot back a few steps but its armor didn't yield. Sonic kept up the spin dash trying to burrow his way through it. At last, something gave way in the bot's chest plate and Sonic tore clean through. The machine stumbled as Sonic ricocheted around inside of it destroying anything that looked important. With an enormous crash, the robot collapsed into a heap of busted metal on the floor of Tails' ruined laboratory. The hedgehog crawled out of the smoking corpse of the robot and zipped back over to his friend's side to make sure the little fox was alright. Tails was more concerned about his lab then the glass shards stuck into him. Sonic got the little fox to hold still long enough for him to pick out the little pieces. From there, Sonic decided to not resume his date and instead to just head home.

Snapping out of his flashback, Sonic swiped the bottoms of his red running shoes off on the doormat. A few big globs of mud came off along with some fragments of who knows what from the lab. The hedgehog stretched out his stiff legs, sighing with content as the tight muscles relaxed. He had to keep his legs spread wide as he walked because of the now irritating burn that his jeans had chafed into the inside of his thighs. Dang, it feels like they're on fire! Why did that girl make me wear dress clothes? The hedgehog cringed with every step and made a mental promise that he would never go on a date with Amy Rose ever again. Sonic shuffled over to the fridge and popped open the door searching for something, anything to eat. His stomach growled and the hedgehog massaged the knot that had started to build since he'd left Tails' lab. Man, I should of eaten more at that restaurant. I guess a good robot butt kicking can wear a hedgehog out. Sonic spied a small box of fruit and he grabbed it eagerly. He set that on the nearby counter-top and then grabbed a sandwich. As Sonic shut the fridge door with his right arm, he caught sight of bloodstains on the sleeve. "What the...." Using his left hand, he rolled back the bloodied sleeve of his white dress shirt until he found the source of the bleeding. Several chunks of glass were wedged deeply into the peach flesh of his forearm. "Wow, I can't believe I missed that. I better get that cleaned up before it gets infected or something."

Sonic twisted the handle of the faucet until cold water ran into the sink in a steady stream. Waiting briefly for the water to heat up a little, Sonic took off his wrist communicator,then stuck the wounded area under the luke warm water. At first, he hissed through his teeth as it stung, but then his face eased up as the rawness seemed to wash away with the water. Red blood leaked away from the wounds and then dripped down into the sink, but Sonic saw something else being washed away as well. He only caught a tiny glimpse of it, but he saw a grayish syrupy liquid draining away with the bloodied water. "Well that's…weird. Oh well." After the bleeding stopped, Sonic took a pair of tweezers and proceeded to remove the shrapnel dropping each shard into the trashcan. He counted seven glass chunks in all as each one landed with a muffled thud into the trash. "There, that's better." He grabbed some bandaging from one of the drawers and wrapped the wound tightly.

With that taken care of, Sonic picked up his fruit and sandwich then walked into the living room where his favorite comfy chair was. Sonic had considered stripping off his clothes, but right now all he wanted to do was kick back and get some food in his aching belly. Reclining back in the chair, Sonic reached for the remote of his TV and flipped it over to see some cartoons. "Aaaahhh," sighed the hedgehog, "this is the life." Absentmindedly, Sonic scratched his right forearm as a dull itch had started to build up as he ate his food. Yet, even as he ate, his gut became tighter and tighter as if he weren't even eating anything at all.

The hedgehog made another trip to the fridge, and another. The third time he went back, Sonic was almost doubled over from his aching stomach. "Aw man, what's wrong with me? I've never felt this hungry before." Sonic tore open the fridge door and reached for the first thing he could find which was a pitcher of water. Chugging that down without a pause, Sonic grabbed a bag of carrots; he ripped it open and emptied it into his mouth then threw the plastic bag aside where it fluttered gently to the floor. Water dripped off of his chin as Sonic used the fridge door to support himself. Sonic's insides seized up again and the hedgehog rolled away from the fridge and fell backwards against the counter. He clutched at his stomach moaning. "I feel like I'm gonna throw up," groaned Sonic. Bile rose up into his throat and puffed out his cheeks. I am gonna throw up! The hedgehog dove for the sink and shoved his head in as a torrent of half digested food spewed out of his open mouth. Sonic continued to hurl up everything he'd choked down until nothing but stomach fluids remained. "Uggghhh…I think I'm catchin the flu or something." Sonic took a few gulps of water from the faucet and rinsed out the leftover mush in his mouth. That's when his insides cramped up forcing the hedgehog to hunch over again, grabbing at his soft belly. "What's going on with you?" he asked his roiling gut. Suddenly he felt something moving underneath his hand. Removing his glove from his belly, Sonic stared in horror as he saw his skin bulging and moving as all of the organs beneath them started to move. My insides are moving? What's going on here? Sonic's hold on the counter slipped and he collapsed onto the tiled floor of his kitchen. "Urrrggghh!" Sonic curled up into a tight ball crying out in pain. When he thought he couldn't take any more of it, his organs finally settled into their new positions. For a few moments, Sonic didn't move for fear that it would start again. Then, he cautiously rose to his feet. "Glad that's over…but what was it?" Sonic's forearm began to itch again and he scratched it furiously. "Okay that's getting annoying." The itch continued to get worse despite Sonic's now frantic scratching. Irritated, Sonic pulled back his right sleeve to find what the problem was. I must have tied the bandage a little to tight. Grumbling, Sonic unwound the bandage…and then his eyes bugged out as he found a new problem.

Grey veins surrounded the tiny cuts on his forearm. The cuts were puckered looking at first and then Sonic watched as they instantly healed up before his eyes. Then the grey webbing on his arm started to spread down to his hands and up his arm until the rolled up cuff of the sleeve blocked his view of them. A strange popping noise came from his fingers. "Now what?" Sonic's right hand suddenly started to jerk about and his fingers flexed open and shut. Try as he might, he couldn't control the muscle moving his hand and he screamed as his hand snapped straight. Slowly, his fingers uncurled and a small gasp escaped him as the hedgehog saw the end of his gloves being pushed outwards by sharp projections. Sonic grasped his right wrist to steady his shaking hand. It felt like someone was shoving tacks under his fingernails. At last, the ends of his gloves tore out as his new claws pushed through the stitching and continued to get longer.

That's when a new itch started to spread from the area where his wounds had been. A prickling sensation had begun around that area and gradually ran up and down his arm. Sonic scratched at it vigorously until he had scraped his skin raw. The itch went from annoying to out right painful. "Agh! My skin is on fire!" A thousand needles prodded his peach flesh, or at least that's what it felt like. The next time Sonic glanced down at his arm, he saw that tiny bluish hairs had grown out around the middle of his forearm. These hairs kept getting longer while more and more grew out along his entire arm. The wave of blue fur spread into his glove making it feel tight and uncomfortable. "What's happening to me!?!" he cried out to no one in particular. His shirt was becoming increasingly tight on the hedgehog. He reached up and parted the top of his dress shirt and was greeted by a thick tuft of blue fur pushing apart the shirt. "I know that when you get older, you put a little hair on your chest but this is ridiculous!" Sonic's left hand began to shake as well. He took it away from his shirt and watched as it also underwent the same transformation as his other hand. Sharp talons ripped through the ends of his left glove and the blue fur had spread into that glove too. The tightness in his jeans, and socks told him that the fur was growing throughout his entire body. All of the blue hair quickly hid the peach flesh of his arms. The burning had gotten increasingly worse and he wondered if his hide was going to tear clean off of his muscles as the fur continued to push through.

Sonic finally put two and two together and remembered the liquid in the jar that had shattered on him. "Whatever was in that jar is causing," Sonic held up his deformed hands, "…this! Maybe he'll know what to do." The hedgehog stumbled over to the counter where he'd put it earlier. His hands were still shaking, making it hard to pick up the small device; his claws weren't helping either as he tried to turn the thing on. But, he didn't have to. The communicator clicked on and an image of Tails' face filled the tiny screen, yet Tails didn't look quite normal. Tails was in obvious pain and every breath seemed labored. Sonic ignored this.

"Tails…gaah…something's happening to me…I don't know…urp…what it is!" cried out Sonic, panic creeping into his voice.

Tails said nothing at first as he winced again. "Me too," he gasped.


The fox nodded. "It's happening to me too…oohhh….it started just a little while ago."

Sonic's body was beginning to tremble and a light sweat coated his forehead. He swiped his hand across his face to clear away the salty liquid that was sticking in his fur. The hedgehog noticed how much thicker the fur on his face had become. As he turned his attention back to Tails, Sonic saw the peach area on the little fox's face fill with orange fur. "What's happening to us? What the hell was in that jar!?!" SNAP "Aghhhh!" Sonic's back cracked violently forcing the hedgehog to bend over; when Sonic tried to straighten up, he found that his back wouldn't allow him. It was locked up keeping him hunched.

"Sonic, aggression only speeds up the process," said Tails quickly. The little fox cried out as Sonic heard a crunching noise coming from the fox's ribs. That sounded like it might have hurt.

"What are you talking about!" CRACK! Sonic's right arm twisted painfully but Sonic kept from screaming. "What was in that jar?" asked Sonic a little more quietly.

"An experimental fluid I'd been testing a year ago…I thought I'd gotten rid of the leftovers…ackk…but apparently not," muttered Tails. "We seem to be experiencing the early stages of a lycanthropic morph."

Sonic growled through his teeth as his heart rate quickened. Every pulse brought pain and the hedgehog felt like his heart was starting to swell with each beat. "English please! What's lickenthrop- whatever?"

"Lycanthropy…it's more commonly known as werewolfism."

Sonic nearly fell over. "I'm turning into some kind of dog!?!"


"Whatever!" POP! Sonic took a shuddering breath and brought his temper back under wraps. "Wait, why didn't you mention this earlier when I was pulling the shards out of you?"

"I didn't know what it was at that moment. I knew I'd gotten a few scratches but I didn't know if you'd been infected too," explained Tails. "Judging by how your entire face is getting really thick with fur, you are infected."

" kidding."

"How badly…CRACK…were you wounded?"

Sonic frowned trying to think, which was really hard for him to manage at the moment. "I don't know, I had maybe six or seven pieces in me."

"How long were they in?"

"Maybe five minutes or so."

Concern flooded the little fox's features. "You took a lot heavier dose of it then me, Sonic."

Drops of sweat dripped off of the hedgehog's face and landed on the counter. Blue fur was sticking out of the front of his shirt between the buttons and the dress shirt was beginning to squeeze him; his jeans were really tight as well. "Can you cure this?"

Tails hesitated and Sonic's hopes fell like rocks. "I don't know, Sonic. Considering the amount of it in you…your lycanthropy may be…permanent. Mine should burn off after this…transformation."

"Permanent!?!" Sonic smashed his fist onto the counter-top, cracking the stone. The hedgehog felt something stirring within him as his anger boiled over.  "I'm gonna be stuck like this…like some kinda monster!?!" SNAP CRACK! "Unggggg! My back!" His spine leapt in his back and the vertebrae pushed up against his skin and shirt actually pushing out until each individual bone could be seen easily through the shirt." Seams started to pop along the back of the dress shirt.

Tails appeared stricken by Sonic's rage. "Sonic…I'm really sorry…I…oh no…please not yet!" The little fox held his hand up and they both watched as long claws shot out of Tails' fingertips tearing out the ends of his gloves. The little fox's chest pushed outwards as his small muscles grew, straining the front of his lab coat. Sonic saw tears appear along the coat's sleeves and the fox's arms weren't so thin anymore. Lean muscle was growing, filling out his tiny frame. Tails screamed and finally dropped out of view of the screen. Crashing noises could be heard along with the disturbing sounds of the fox's body transforming. Sonic could see Tails' shadow on the wall of his lab and his blood went cold as he watched the whole thing play out. The shadow of the fox hunched over. Suddenly Tails jerked upwards with arms spread out to his sides, as he grew taller. Screams turned to roars of agony. As the fox's muscles bulged outwards, Sonic could see in the shadow, the rags of the lab coat still trying to cling to Tails. With a now massive arm, the fox reached up and tore off the remains of the coat. The beast that had been his friend reared up on his hind legs and opened his muzzle full of sharp teeth. "AWWWWOOOOOOO!!!!!" The sounds of crashing furniture could be heard through the small device. Suddenly the table that Tails' device had been on was flipped and the communicator clattered to the floor where it was buried by a mountain of test tubes, shelves, and tables. The screen flickered once and then died as the other device was crushed.

Sonic stared hopelessly at the blank screen. Is that what's going to happen to me? And if I took a bigger dose of that stuff then Tails… "Hgggghhh! AAgggghh!" Sonic's breathing became labored as his organ shoved up against one another. With every beat, they ballooned in size pushing out against his ribs and the soft skin of his belly looking for room to grow. "Noooo!!! This can't be happening! The hedgehog stumbled away from kitchen before a spasm dropped him to the carpet floor of his living room. Cartoons were still playing loudly on the TV. For some reason, Sonic found the noise extremely annoying and before he even knew what he was doing, he hefted his chair over his shoulder and threw it at the TV obliterating the electronic device. His sides were heaving with the effort of trying to bring in air but even through the discomfort, Sonic found that he'd actually enjoyed that little release of anger. That was…actually fun! Then the hedgehog slapped himself across his face. "Snap out of it Sonic! I'm not going to let this happen…I've gotta fight it off!" The hedgehog cradled his head and fell onto his knees. He then braced himself off the ground with his shaking arms.

A white light fell upon Sonic's hand and steadily climbed up his arm as he continued to shake with the effort of holding back the changes. Sonic saw it and made the mistake of looking for the source. His eyes peered out of the window and saw the full moon peeking out from behind a bank of clouds. His eyes locked onto the glowing orb transfixed by its light, he couldn't tear away from it. It's calling to me…calling to me… Red veins spider-webbed out from his green irises as they turned into pools of deep emerald. And with that, Sonic's will power crumbled before the drive of the werewolf.

CRACKLE! Sonic's back arched upwards, snapping and slithering around beneath his thick hide of fur. The hedgehog dug his claws into the carpeting as if that would somehow help fend off the pain. Tears leaked from the corner of his eyes, running in a small stream down his burning face. Gasps were all he could manage now as his organs continued to swell within his body and with every beat of his overly large heart, Sonic's form throbbed with pain as it pumped the werewolf's blood throughout his entire body. Sonic knew that if he could see under the blue fur, he'd be looking at a network of grey veins pulsing just under the surface. "Ohhhh….AAAAAHHHH!" RIP! Sonic's dress shirt tore up near the top of his spine as the bone shoved out against it. Then, it relaxed before tearing anymore of the flimsy material. Shuddering with every movement, Sonic forced himself to stand up on wobbly legs. SNAP! Sonic threw himself against the wall screaming as his ribcage popped near his sternum. "Agggh…noooo! I gotta stop…this…" Yet, as his ribs expanded, it brought relief to Sonic as he finally had room to breath with his now immense lungs. CRACK! The hedgehog's chest was forced outwards as his ribs widened, pressing against his skin threatening to split open his dress shirt, which was now severely strained by his growth. The top button popped off allowing the heavy pelt of blue fur to stick through. "Too…tight!" hissed Sonic threw grinding teeth.

His entire body was in an inferno. Sweat poured freely from him; every spasm sent droplets of the salty liquid flying everywhere. But, the burning had settled mainly in his bones and it didn't take Sonic long to find out why. He held out his hands and gazed in terror as they stretched as the tiny bones expanded, stretching out his skin and gloves. Along with that, the muscles that worked his hands started to swell within the white gloves, popping the seams. The ends of his fingers soon stretched out the holes where his claws had cut through. Now each tip could be seen peeking out the end of each glove. Sonic drew his hands in tight against his chest as they grew. Finally, both gloves gave way as the seams let loose. His hands exploded out of the white material, which then fell into a pile of useless scrap at his feet.

Sonic was driven up against the wall as his femur bones stretched, making him taller. He couldn't steady himself so, the hedgehog leaned most of his weight against the wall for support as he cried out. The hems of his jeans were lifted up, displaying the tops of his socks and then his furry shins. CRACK CRACK! Both of his knees snapped forwards and locked in a partially bent position; Sonic stumbled over as this happened and fell onto his face. He rolled over and moaned as something started to gurgle in his belly again. Reaching down with his large hand, Sonic pulled up the bottom of his dress shirt and struggled to lift his head up to see over his chest. His eyes widened as he watched his skin pull tighter against his soft belly until he could easily see his six pack abs. But, as the muscles became more prominent, Sonic realized that his skin wasn't shrinking, his abs were swelling. They popped while they grew feeling like the hedgehog was being punched repeatedly in his hardening gut. His legs, meanwhile, had stretched until his jeans were hanging just around his knees. The seams started popping along the length of the pants and Sonic could feel the denim becoming tighter, actually starting to cut off his circulation. The hedgehog reached for his pant legs and clawed furiously at the material hoping to tear it off. He didn't have to. His thigh muscles began to bulge quickly within his legs and swelled inside the already strained jeans. "Gaaahhh….it…hurts!" His clawing became even more frantic as he tried to relieve the pressure. The gurgling noise in his thigh muscles spread down his leg and into his calves, followed by his feet. Eventually, the strong denim couldn't' hold back his enlarging muscles, they tore along the side seams and at his growing waist. RIP TEAR! Sonic grasped the ruined material and ripped them the rest of the way off and tossed what was left off to the side.

The hedgehog shifted himself over then started pulling desperately at his shoes. I'm not letting these things get shredded! But, his feet were already to big for Sonic to get them off. He heard the gentle tearing of his socks and could feel as claws extended out of his toenails, digging into the front ends of his running shoes. That's when his toes started to shrink backwards into his feet, the bones were being compressed and were also widening spreading out the width of his feet. Soon, the sides of his shoes started to pop as the stitching holding the soles to the side material gave way. His ankles lifted out the backs of his shoes and pushed out. Whatever was left of his socks tore and he screamed in pain as his ankles bones elongated, changing the entire shape of his feet. Opening his eyes, Sonic could see that his legs no longer looked like legs, they resembled the back legs of a wolf; powerful and muscled, although his legs were far larger than any regular wolfs and they were still bulging.

"I…gotta get to Tails' lab…before…aggg….it's too late! Maybe I can…find some sort of cure.." grunted Sonic as he righted himself up on his new legs. The hedgehog took a shaky step with his paws, which was extremely awkward for him because of the odd shape, and also because his destroyed shoes were still clinging desperately to his paws. His pulse throbbed with another painful beat of his heart and Sonic's paws expanded again tearing through the remains of the shoes and he stumbled out of them. Sonic's right arm started to shake making the hedgehog pause to find out what the problem was. His sleeve was still rolled up and allowed him a perfect view of his forearm. Tendons were straining through his arms and the weird gurgle sound started to emit from his whole arm. CRACK! Sonic's arm jerked harshly to the side and Sonic wound up tipped against the wall again colliding with enough force to dent the wood panels. "Raaggghhh!" CRICK! Soon, the strange sound spread from his right arm, across his chest, and down into his other arm. Sonic held out both of his trembling limbs in front of him and growled through clenched teeth as his muscles bubbled beneath of his hide. Raw muscle rippled along his arms. With a roar of pain, Sonic's biceps ripped through his sleeves. With every beat of his heart, they grew larger forcing the rip to open wider and wider. RIP! RIP! The rolled up portion of his sleeve squeezed his growing arm painfully as the heavy band of material refused to tear. It cut off the blood flow to his forearm and hand making that area numb. This actually eased the torment of the expansion. CRACK! "Arrrrggghhh!" Sonic's chest heaved forward, straining the already tight buttons on his dress shirt. His pec muscles expanded rapidly until the upper buttons exploded off the shirt allowing his chest to surge outwards. The buttons continued to pop one by one until the front of the shirt was completely undone. It's too late.

"Noooo!!! This can't happen…to me!" SHRED! The tears extended up his sleeve as his arms continued to grow. Sonic had been naturally gifted with extreme speed, but he was not a very built anthro, in fact Sonic had little muscle definition period. Now though, he had the definition and size of body builder and he was still growing. His shoulder rolled back, tearing the shirt even further. His back broadened out giving his torso the look of an extremely bulky upside down triangle. Snapping sounds came from his collar bones as they elongated widening his shoulders even further. Then he hunched over as his back muscles began to writhe beneath the torn dress shirt. Spit flew from Sonic's mouth as he grunted; the split down the spine of the shirt widened as his back swelled. It wasn't long until his shoulder muscles completely hid his neck.

Finally, as Sonic flexed his now immense arms, the sleeves tore all the way along with the shoulder material, including the rolled up portion; there was nothing much to hold on the ravages shirt and Sonic grasped the shreds with his claws and yanked it off exposing his ripped chest as the last stages of his body's growth set in. His body was driven upwards as his legs continued to grow along with his spine, lengthening him out. Sonic reared up and his head bumped against the ceiling of his house. The immense bulk of the hedgehog coupled with his height made the room feel extremely small and made him feel claustrophobic. At first, Sonic controlled the feeling but as he became lost in the process of his transformation, he felt the need to make some more room. He thrashed about swinging his arms like clubs sending everything within range flying. Stumbling around as he cried out, Sonic bumped into his couch. The violence of destroying the random pieces of furniture actually relieved some of his tension and before he could stop himself, Sonic smashed his meaty fists into it's wooden frame crushing it and turning his favorite hang-out spot into a pile of match sticks.

At last, Sonic's body ceased to get any bigger and the pain became only a dull ache. His breaths came in ragged gasps as his sides heaved trying to pull in oxygen. He felt exhausted, and completely drained by the transformation. He managed to catch his breath. Sonic glanced over his mutated body. "Is that it? Wow, glad that's over…AGGHHHH!" The hedgehog keeled over again and clutched at his face. It felt as if someone had busted open the front of his skull and grabbing at it only made it hurt worse. As Sonic yelled, his voice deepened and became the primal roar of an injured beast. CRACK! POP! CRACK! Sonic's hands were pushed away from his mouth as it stretched outwards becoming a long muzzle. Then, his tiny nose morphed, becoming far more sensitive to the scents around him. Through his grasping hands, Sonic could now smell his sweat, the clean aroma of his home, and…his own fear radiating from him in an intoxicating odor that excited something deep within the transformed hedgehog. As the bone of his new muzzle solidified, the pain eased off a little and Sonic slowly removed his hands. That hurt a little bit. A strange sensation twinged his jaw and Sonic worked it around a little thinking that maybe it was just a strained muscle. Then his mouth snapped open and he roared again as his teeth changed. Fangs slid out of the gum lining of his teeth, and grew out into miniature daggers while his molars became edged. Also, new teeth tore through his gums to fill in the empty space. His muzzle was now equipped for parting flesh from bone.

Then, Sonic felt as if someone was pulling on his ears in an attempt to rip them off of his head. Soon, Sonic wanted to tear them off himself, as they grew wider and became pointed. New sounds filled his wolfish ears. Like the snapping noises coming from his brow bone as it settled lower, making his eyes smaller and lending Sonic's new face the cruel and unforgiving look of a predator.

While all of this was going on, Sonic's quills started to droop as they became more fur-like in nature. His pelt had continued to thicken during the transformation and now Sonic's body was coated in a heavy dark blue pelt. Fur around his neck had grown out until he had a lush mane of blue hair hanging around his throat and going down to the top of his chest bone. Meanwhile, his quills now hung like dreadlocks to his waist.

His transformation drew to a close and the last aches and pains in his body shrank off into nothingness. Sonic didn't notice though, he was occupied with something else at the moment. Something was pressing in upon him, threatening to wrest away his control. At first, Sonic couldn't single out what it was exactly, until he felt his stomach twist into a knot again, but this time it was due to its empty state. So hungry… Sonic tried to think about what might be in the fridge, but his mind was clouded at the moment and he couldn't remember much. The more he thought, the harder it was becoming to think at all. He couldn't even remember what Amy Rose looked like even though he'd been with her all evening long. That's when that hunger kicked in again as he thought of Amy. Suddenly he could picture the pink hedgehog perfectly, but her name escaped him. What's going on with me? Frustrated with his failing mind, Sonic seized a chair and hurled it across the room. Satisfaction filled him as the chair splintered against the countertop. The werehog grabbed another chair and threw that one, and another. He roared as he pounded his fists into the table. Sonic reached for a mirror nearby then stopped as he caught sight of himself and the look on his face. His teeth were bared in a wicked grin and there was something, evil, glinting in his eyes. What am I doing? Even though he was aware now, Sonic still felt like continuing his destruction of any home items. That thing assaulted his mind and Sonic felt fear again as it forced instinctual drives onto him, urging him to sate his hunger on the first anthro he could find. His body wanted meat to recharge the energy he'd burned up during the transformation. Soon, Sonic had lost total control over his body's movements. Growling, Sonic thrashed about inside his house. Get a grip Sonic! It was no use though, he mounted one last desperate attempt to stay in control but it was in vain. It's…too…strong! I…can't hold it off! Please…I don't wanna hurt anyone…The hedgehog's mind gave up the attempts and his werewolf instincts took over. Feed.

Sonic's breathing steadied and his sense took control. He wanted to get out of this tiny prison and now that he was far to large for the door, the werehog decided to make his own exit. "RAAWWWWRRR!" Sonic charged the nearest wall and blasted clean through showering rubble upon the grass outside. His eyes locked upon the heavenly orb floating in the night sky. Raising himself up on his back legs, Sonic tilted back his head and cut loose with a bone-chilling howl that echoed across the Great Forest. AWWOOOOOOOO!!!!!

The werehog listened intently, at first hearing only the chirps of the crickets. Then, out of the darkness came an answering howl from far away. Sonic roared in challenge then raced off to fight the other werewolf that was infringing on his territory.
This is just a short story I wrote while I was taking a break from Knight of the Moon. I wanted to work especially on the details in the story and I think I did a decent job with it. I finished this chapter two days ago but I held off on submitting it until my birthday. Sort of a gift to everyone who's been giving me feedback and helping me out with the Knight of the Moon story. But mainly, this is a late B-Day gift for :iconsegafan55: so I'm dedicating this short story to her! :) Happy birthday! Well...happy late birthday!

Sonic, Tails, Eggman, and Amy belong to SEGA
Story belongs to me
Artwork image belongs to :iconsegafan15:
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